• 20 ºC


    Marinated, dehydrated or simply raw food in fresh and unexpected combinations. Crisp flavours that mix in your mouth and not on the plate.

    Couscous with boccoli, dried fruits and nuts. 5,90€

    Spheres of fresh mozzarella, tomato and aromatic herbs. 6,50€

    Marinated salmon with tzatziki and green sprouts. 7,80€

    Tuna sashimi with vanilla flavoured tomato. 7,80€

    Sea bass ceviche with orange, coriander and lime. 9,50€

    Ox tenderloin steak tartar with olive bread. 9,80€

  • 80 ºC

    low temperature

    Cooked at low temperature, eggs don’t set up and meats are more succulent. With longer cooking times, you will discover new textures of food you already knew. Spheres of fresh mozzarella, tomato and aromatic herbs.

    Sea egg with squid and squid ink, cooked at 62 ºC. 6,50€

    Mountain egg with small cubes of ham and Dutch sauce, cooked at 62 ºC. 6,80€

    Orchard egg with vegetables, cooked at 62 ºC. 6,50€

    Free range chicken cooked at 73 ºC in its own juices. 6,90€

    Veal brisket at 70 ºC with potato slices. 7,50€

    Lamb medallion caramelized at 80 ºC with carrots and anise. 8,80€

  • 100 ºC


    On the firm heat of the stove the different flavours fuse togetherto create a new, more intense and complex flavour. A seemingly classic dish will surprise you.

    Creamy pumpkin soup with mascarpone and sugared mushrooms. 5,90€

    Green vegetable curry with Jasmine rice. 6,90€

    Casserole of soupy rice with Romesco sauce and petit lobsters. 7,60€

    Orzo risotto with asparagus and prawn casserole. 7,60€

    Rigatoni filled with mushrooms and Parmesan and a light truffle aroma. 7,40€

    Caramelized duck cannelloni with fresh soya and Korean barbeque sauce. 7,60€

  • 200 ºC


    Toasted outside and juicy inside. Grilled food stay sealed, keeping all the flavour on the inside. Always cooked at high temperature, some dishes are tasted/served hot and others warm.

    Grilled cod with apple and cider. 8,20€

    Chicken quesadillas with avocado and Chipotle sauce. 6,90€

    Octopus with La Vera paprika, baby potatoes and smoke. 7,80€

    Beef tataki with olive oil and tomato petals. 7,50€

    Petit burger with cheese and barbecue sauce, 75 g.6,40€

    Petit burger with foie shavings, 75 g. 6,60€

    Our dishes are little dishes, order 5 or 6 between two people and share / VAT included / + 10% on terrace